The Company

The Zaffina Family have been growing table grapes from the early 1960’s.

Louie, a second generation table grape grower, still continues in his parents footsteps passing on his knowledge to his own children, the third generation.

Together, Louie and his wife Kylie have raised their five children on their farm which is situated in the small town of Euston on the mighty Murray River in New South Wales, Australia.

From humble beginnings the company has steadily grown under the watchful eye of Louie, who is very hands on with the everyday running of the farm to ensure his customers only have the best quality fruit available.

Their brand has stood the test of time through many changes over the years so just look for the bright blue box with the red star, their stamp of assurance.
LJ & KA Zaffina & Sons PTY LTD
36 Leslie Drive, Euston NSW 2737
Telephone: 0419 514 906
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